Should I Forgive My Back Child Support Arrears Case

My ex is $186,000.00 in arrears. He fled the state when trying to be served divorce decree. I was granted final divorce after 3 attempts to serve. He said because he did not agree to divorce, he does not feel he has to pay child support. He has evaded the OAG for 8 yrs and has even assumed ID theft with his brother's info.

He is laughing at the courts and the OAG because they can't find him. Now, he wants to travel and has asked I do a modified order to forgive his arrears and he will pay me $5000/mo for 24 mos. and then $1500/mo until the youngest is 18. He said he would also pay $600/mo in support until the boys are 18. He will not disclose his location or phone number to me. He only emails via his blackberry phone.
Should I trust him?

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Back Child Support
by: Child Support America Team Member

That is up to you. You may not want to consider those terms unless they are in a court order. Have you considered asking for a lump sum to waive the back support?


by: Anonymous

What would you consider to be a fair lump sum?

It is hard choice.
by: Anonymous

I think you must consider what will help you sleep at night . Sur emoney makes the world go around but asked you do you make it with your kids andare they happy . Cause the botemline it is for the kids. I rais emy youngest on my on sure i work 42 hours but the way I see it I am part in fault for that all failing so why fight in court lawyers . An d have them all in my life. I prefer raising my kids alone.

by: Anonymous

No way, people must be held responsible for their actions. You and the kids were abandoned, now he contacts you so he can get out of paying money. An attorney can get use of the appropriate tools to find his location if need be. If he is mailing you through a blackberry he can be found easy as pie, if he has a blackberry with built in GPS even easier. I would not settle for anything other than what was court ordered, that is unless you are struggling financially. But if you have made it through 8 years I am sure you can make it some more.

Don't do it.
by: Anonymous

I'm going through the same thing now. My ex owes me 102,000.00 in arrears. I never took a penny of state aid, at times worked 3 jobs at a time and now the 3rd wife says I should settle so they can get on with their lives. I don't think so.

If he can pay you 5k a month for the next 24 months,then I'm sure he has the means to come up with a lump sum to take care of the arrears. Do not agree to anything less and don't do it without DCSS involved.

One more thing, there are some many Dads that do pay their support and visit their kids on a regular basis, settling is like a slap in the face to the good guys.

No way make him pay
by: Anonymous

Take him to court for contempt--Tell the judge what he told you.

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