Should I Be Paying Child Support Right Now

by Ruben
(riverview, fl)

When my son was born his mother did not know whos it was even though I asked her 3 times while she was pregnant if it was mine. 3 months after he was born she contacted me out of the blue and I did a paternity test and it is my so. But when he was born my name was not put on the birth certificate.

I am in arrears $15,000 for child support and they canceled my passport that I already own. Also for a year and a half he lived wit me and they are charging me the child support for that period as well. 3 question, question#1, can they make me pay child support even though she will not put my name on the birth certificate as his father, question #2, I already have a passport is it still cancelled or can I still use it, and question #3, are they allowed to charge me child support for a period that he lived with me.

I ask all of this because she is trying to change my sons last name which is her last name right now to his stepfathers last name and legally because my name is not on the birth certificate she can do it with out my permission. Please some one let me know.

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Child Support Questions
by: Child Support America Team Member

Dear Ruben,

Thanks for your questions. We have some answers for you. For question #1 No if you did not have "legal" custody for those few months then yes you owe the child support. Just because you are not on the birth certificate does not mean you are not legally responsible for the child. Paternity was established. If your passport is canceled it cannot be used. You will have to be current with no arrears to get your passport un blocked. Also your son's name cannot be legally changed unless his stepfather is going to adopt the child and you waive your rights.

Do you have visitation with your child?


Response ot prior
by: Anonymous

Well here are a few comments to the prior response. #1 I did have legal custody by power of attorney of my child so when I talked to some lawyers they advised me that during tha time I was suppose to be getting child support from her. #2 I talked to a lawyer again and it seems that because my name is not on the birth certificate my sons mother and stepfather an legally change his last name by him adopting him without my athorization or waivement of rights. and #3 yet again the same lawyer has told me that there is an exception for me to be able to hold my passport for reasons of employment.

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