She turned me into DHR for child support in Alabama

by Dan

My wife and I are getting divorced. We haven't yet because I don't have the money. I've been off work since Sept. 2008. I got injured at work. I received worker comp benefits until Jan. 2012. She moved out in Nov. 2011 into her house.

After 3 back surgeries I have permanent nerve damage and can not work. I'm waiting to be approved for disability. I have no income. When we separated we agreed on joint custody. I have 3 children. I get them every other week and have been taking care of them with help ( not her ). She signed up for food stamps. Even though she gets food stamps for them for the whole month she very rarely sends anything when they come here and then it's mainly partial stuff left from her house.

I heard my son say that his mother was supposed to get a lot of money soon. The way she has done me with everything ( not making my house payment for over a year with my money, letting my truck get repoed but not hers, leaving me in the hospital and not even calling to check on me when I had to stay for a few days after the fusion, oh she was cheating on me then and told me she wanted a divorce 2 weeks after that surgery.

She didn't work and help pay anything through that time, She used the money I was getting from workers comp to cheat )I'm afraid she probably turned me in for child support when she got food stamps even though I have them half the time and with help( not from her ), pay for their expenses while they're here. My questions are... if she has, will she be responsible for the money she is paid through DHR and what can I do if she has?

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