Refused Modification of Child Support

by Steve

I started off on the wrong foot paying cash to my son's mother. 7 years ago we mediated arrears and due to a settlement negotiated a better visitation arrangement. At that time I agreed to pay her regular child support of $400 and also $400 a month toward arrears. Of course the money part was not filed in court.

This was not a problem until the bottom dropped out of the construction industry here in GA and my income took a nose dive. I paid child some support from every job I have had in the last 4 years but that is not enough.

CSE says whatever the mother says is owed is owed even if I have proof otherwise. They have denied me the right to a modification for four years now and I just cannot pay the old child support amount, nor can I pay the amount they want for arrears and now they expect me to pay that plus an additional $600 a month or I go back to jail in May. I have proof of my income, I just really cannot afford this.

I am not a dead beat dad, nor am I an Idiot as the CSE Case agent called me yesterday. I cant even pay my own bills ( We are talking living expenses not luxuries, only necessities.)


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child support
by: Anonymous

I hope you filed a modification through the courts not through the child support. Of course they will be there when you do you modification, but if you file your modification i believe through district court they should look at you case. If you have proof that you were paying her that whole time, they must take that evidence they cant just say no.

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