Reduce Or Eliminate Child Support Arrears

by Flo H
(Riverside CA)

How can I have the court review my arrears that did not accumulate as a result of my willful refusal to pay. The accumulation occurred under orders that exceed my income,imposition of fines and penalties.

I'm paying child support by wage assignment and I do not have past due support owed. I now have physical custody and my ex is the non-custodial parent the court order him to pay child support.

He requested that the amount of arrears in child support payments be offset from child support owed which was order ALLOWING him to pay a small amount and not timely .

I am the custodial parent paying, my ex who is now the obligor continue to collect support payments from me. this is a hardship on my family. The department of child support services is working for my ex who refuse to consider forgiveness. Thank you for your time.

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Child Support Arrears VIP Member
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hello Flo,

We just emailed you your VIP membership login information. As a VIP and Fast Response member your issues take top priority over NON-members. So we will be responding to your situation via this thread with 72 hours.

Take care, and your response is on the way....


Child Support Questions
by: Child Support America Team Member

Dear Flo,

The first thing you should do is contact your child support caseworker and request ALL records be sent to you. This will be a printout of all payments you made and also the amount of the back child support payments each month. You are entitled to these records because they are yours. If you get the run around keep calling back and talk to a supervisor. You are allowed to have these records!

Your next step after you receive these records will be to call your local county family court and file the necessary paperwork to go back into a court and have these records reviewed. It will cost you only the court costs and will be cheaper than an attorney. ONLY a judge can order for arrears to be removed from your case. Just because an ex signed a paper to waive does not mean that it was signed by a judge and legally taken off. The judge can also look at your balance and get the records straight. Plead your case! If you are able to hire an attorney that is an option as well. If not, you can file yourself and represent your self in court on this issue. We wish you well.


get back payment s reduce
by: Anonymous

I make 15dollars a hour and I only work 40hr a week I bring home 560dallas a week and I pay child support for two kids by two different mother s I have back pay on both of them one of them I was put on child support when I was in persion now they want me to pay 625 a piece for the both of them what I need to do to get my payment s lowed


Wife make $70K more than me and deserted marriage
by: Anonymous

I was married 10 years and wife made $80K per year while I stayed at home to care for children. She filed for divorce and received a judgment for $2600 per monht in child support and $2600 in alimony which seems bogus since she always made more than me.

She deserted me and left me homeless and I di not have a place to stay but now I am $120K in arrears after 2 year!! Seems unjust and wrong. Any ideas? Court won't hear reconsideration after 4 attempts to rehear case.

Should I just committ suicide or does anyone have any ideas? I don't even have enough money to see kids..that was her intent after she ran off wiht another guy.

can not take all the lies
by: Ricky Brown

I am a dead beat dad who has always taken care off his childern i made a mistske of trusting someone who is not honest my son know that i have always given their mom money for them and are upset over me being made to pay back child support i have given her checks in my son name to avoid section eight going up on her rent we had a good relationship then i find out about all the lies and taking me to court for back child suuport was the last lie this is just some off what i have put up whit i just looking to share my trouble hope i can help someone avoid having to pay most of your live pay the court.

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