Receiving Tax Offset For Child Support

by Denise
(Gainesville,GA USA)

My ex-husband called my children back in April and stated that his Federal income tax return was taken to pay his back child support. Last year he called and stated the same thing but it took almost 2 months before I actually received it. I am trying this year to see how long it may actually take to receive the tax money. I have called the child support recovery office and they have stated that they do not see anything in their system pertaining to the tax return. Why is this information not available to the custodial parent? This type of information should be readily available for the custodial parent to view or know. I would like to receive every dime he owes me and it would be nice if I could receive it right now. Taking care of two teenage daughters on my own is not easy, especially when the non-custodial parent does not help at all. Is there any way to find out when I may actually receive this tax money?

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Tax Offset
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hi Denise,

Thanks for your question. No there is no way for you to receive his offset fast. There is a procedure that must be followed through the IRS. The custodial parent is not permitted to have any access to the information due to privacy policies. It is illegal for you to know any information pertaining to your ex's tax offset information. Do you receive regular payments from your ex?


axX Offset for Child Suppport
by: Anonymous

I too am in the same situation, my ex husband informed me the end of May that his tax refund was intercepted and wanted to know if I had received the funds, I said no because I hadn't.

I have contacted the dept of child support services and they have told me they see nothing in their system of money being received from the IRS. And once they do receive the money it could take any where from 30-180 days before the funds are released.

I'm in desperate need of the money I have a teenage son who is now in summer school. Which is not free. Ive had to pay for 2 classes $450, and transportation by the school system is not provided for his H.S. so now I'm paying out $20 plus a day just on transportation.

His first week of school my manager was nice enough to let me get off early to pick him up but I cant ask that of him for the full 4 weeks. So it has been a nightmare. What can I do to find out if the IRS has sent the fund to the state?

what is it!!
by: Anonymous

What is the "PROCESS" that the irs has to go through???!! I cant get an answer on that first of all. And why is it that neither party (father or mother) can see where the money is at all times? Like tracking it? It's their money. They will take as long as they want. And it seems in the mean time you have to just wait... Its absolutely ridiculous that we dont have control over our own money. The government does. And if you ask them where it is. You wont get a definitive answer. EVER.

is there a way to get friend of the court to process a back child support check faster
by: Anonymous

my ex income check too was taken for his back child support Michigan friend of the court had received it in march and I still have not gotten it and it September now. is there a way I can get them process it faster. I have two small children I need to take care of and he has not paid his child support in 3 months now.

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