Receive An Increase in Child Support

I divorced my ex husband in november 2011, we have 2 children together ages 4 and 5 yrs old. The child support enforcement agency set the order for child support. We had a hearing for child support in February 2012. Two weeks after the hearing the order and amount was set. My ex husband was working for a factory through a temp agency and his pay was $8.90 an hour.

One week after the hearing he was hired into the factory as a company employee and no longer working through the temp agency. We didn't find this info out until June 2012 because he never informed me or the child support agency. The agency repeatedly submitted paperwork to the temp agency to begin taking child support out of his checks back in February 2012 once the order was set.

The temp agency always said he no longer worked for them. By June 2012 after so many failed attempts the agency contacted the factory and discovered he was hired in and no longer a temporary employee, which he failed to inform anyone about. The child support has been taken out of his check since June 2012, with a few glitches that were fixed.

He later told me that he no longer makes $8.90 an hour, when he got hired in his pay increased to $11.75 an hour, but he did not report the change to the child support agency. When the order was set I was employed at a call center and making $9.25 an hour, after 90 days on the job I received a $1.00 raise and was making $10.25 an hour. But I was also in school to become a medical assistant.

A couple of weeks before I finished school in October 2012 I quit my job at the call center because I was offered a job by the local Children's Hospital in my area in the school health department as a school health aide at an elementary school.

I felt as though it was a great opportunity, but I only make $7.70 an hour now. But I only work Monday-Friday and I have all weekends and holidays off. Which makes things easier because I don"t have to beg my ex husband to watch the kids on the weekends while I work like I had to when I worked at the call center.

And yes he has visitation but he rarely takes it. He also has the kids on his medical insurance because he was ordered to do so. Do you think I have a case for an increase or should I just leave it alone.

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