Reasons For Child Support Modification

My original support case was completed in 2004 however twice since then the obligor has been released from a job position for whatever reason. The most recent situation has the child support agency of Cuyahoga County taking him to court this October however I am now married and have been for the past two years.

I have custody of the child and we have resided in Virginia for the past five years. Due to my child's school schedule, I was forced not to work during the school year thus leaving my husband as our only source of income besides support. Will the modification be based off of my personal income situation or will it include my husband's as well?

In the state of Virginia, they keep step parents out of the equation concerning support however my child's expenses and care have been supplied through my husband's income including medical coverage.

This was a private case because I was not supported by any county funds at the time of my pregnancy, son's birth or after. What can I expect to happen during this case and what documentation will be requested of me?

Thank you

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Child Support
by: Child Support America Team Member

You will be expected to provide your own proof of income. Since you do not have any then you should be fine. Is your ex in arrears currently with his payments?


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