Question About Dna

by Lee

Is there a way I can check on my husband's DNA with my step daughter with out going through the courts. I have cotton swabs of both of them but not sure who now to contact and how bad I will get into trouble with the law.

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What you can do
by: Child Support America Team Member

Dear Lee,

First of all it is not illegal for you to check paternity. The question is whether or not it will be admissible in court. If you have suspicions, then you will definitely want a test where the results can hold up in a court of law. For different reasons. Is your husband paying child support? If the child is proven to be not his then the courts should know about it. There are individuals who will actually come into the home and do this type of testing. Here is a credible company below with locations everywhere.

Now if it is a situation where you are not concerned with the courts and just want to know. You can purchase paternity kits over the counter at most drugstores. You can take the samples, send them in and they will mail you the results for a fee. Walgreens is one drugstore where these kits are available. Check out your local drugstores to see who has these kits available. Is your husband questioning paternity concerning his daughter?

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