Pursuing Child Support Case From The 80's

Hi I wanted a little information if this would even be possible. I am 32 years of age and when i was approximately 4 years of age my mother put in for child support in wash,dc where we residing at the time against my father who was working for dc govt. All these years, she relocated to Virginia and then the support order got transferred over to Fairfax,VA but they never pursued my father,never subpoenaed him to come to court or anything. They just left my case by the waist-side, and then of course closed the case once i turned 18yrs of age. So i wanted to know if their was anything we could do to get compensated for negligence on Fairfax part, mind u they always had a updated address of my mother residence being as though she was receiving child support for my sis who has a different father than i. So i basically need to know what we can do to be compensated on child support non ability to do their job basically. Also if their is any way i could possibly go after my father. Any advice would greatly be appreciated thanks.

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Child Support Questions
by: Csa Staff

Hi and Thanks for your questions. This is a legal matter. You may want to seek out an attorney that offers a free consultation. This will help you understand what rights you have to pursue this case. There is no statue when it comes to back support, but there are legalities being that a case was never opened.


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