Please Help My Divorce And Child Support Situation

by Elizabeth Swisher
(Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio)

My ex-husband and I got married on July 12, 2004. Shortly after came our daughter Olivia. Well, everything wasn't peaches and cream. I had found out that throughout our short marriage, he was having a more than "friendly" relationship with one of his employees. Several months of fighting led to him asking me to leave the house with our daughter. So I did. My daughter and I went to stay with my parents while he and I tried to resolve things by going to counseling. But it was already too late. He lost my trust, and I wanted nothing more to do with the marriage.

Our divorce was finalized on 9.15.09. He agreed to pay off our bankruptcy, and see our daughter 3 days a week. I had no lawer (and still have no money for one), so child support was not ordered. I figured that he would be a stand-up guy and contribute financially to help raise our daughter. HA!! What a dumb butt I was. I've been out of work for almost 18 mos. and we are now living back with my parents (which is hell!!!) and struggeling to keep food on the table and a roof over our heads. He only see's our daughter twice a week, and tries to restict my contact with her when she is with him. I've had enough of his bullcrap, and childish games. I need help, and I need it now. Is there anything you can do to assist me. Please?

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Help With Your Situation
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hello Elizabeth,

We are very sorry about your situation. Your first step is to go down to your local CSEA and start the application process for child support. You and your daughter deserve support!

There is also donation based counseling in Canton from the same program. You seem like you could benefit from a good counselor to help with your problems and situation. The organization is called the Changing Seasons Counseling Center. You can contact Ingrid for more information. Their number is 330.596.2930.

Let us know how else we may assist you.

Take care and give them a call. They can help you get back on track. Also please tell them you were referred from Child Support

Take care,

thats messed up
by: Anonymous

hi liz
well i would get a lawyer that is willing to sue for the back child support. and loss wages. some lawyers will do it probono (free or cheap). i hope eeverything worked out for u. i know a few good lawyers like that. one is helping my friend jim get full cusdity of his son

by: mark

is this liz, if so i got enough to take care of you. and have several nice vactions spots. im sorry. i miss you. mark

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