Persued by Tennessee Courts

by Jim

While living in Oregon, we have a child support order through the courts here to pay $208 a month for my one child. She turns 18 in 3 months. I have always paid the mother directly and have fallen behind $2654 total all in the last 3 years due to hardship. Job loss etc.

All of a sudden I get a letter from TN courts saying I am behind $5134 and my new obligation is $359 a month with $175 in addition for my arrears payments. No explanation of any kind. I have 3 other children at home and my gross income is 2100 a month. Insurance costs me $525 a month for my family.

How am I supposed to pay $539 a month in support. When I called the courts with my information they asked for- income, job, kids etc. The woman told me they had all they needed but thanks for calling. Then I got the past due bill showing what they want me to pay.

What is the procedure for figuring out arrears in TN? Do they just take the moms word for it? How can I get this corrected. They want to put this on my credit report, and still no explanation for their amounts. What should I do?

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