Paying For Child Not My Own

by Bill

I pay child support for a 16 year old in Ohio . I have paid support since she was 2 after her mother and I got divorced. I also have a 20 year old son that is in the Marine Corp. and an 18 year old son, going to be 19 in November,he is going to be a senior in high school this coming school year, with her.

About 3 years ago she took me to court and got the amount of child support raised. At the time my son that is now in the Marine Corp. was 17 and going to be 18 soon. She whined to the judge to keep him included in the child support calculation order until my other son was old enough to drop off and the judge did. I did not have an attorney and neither did she. Well now my other son will soon be dropping off of child support, because he will be turning 19 in November.

About 2 years ago she told the 16 year old that I am not her father and actually had her and her biological father meet. Since this time she treats me like I am no one to her.

In Ohio I understand that you only have to pay child support for a child until they turn 18 years of age or 19 years of age if they are still in high school. So how did the Judge order him stay included in the child support order until my other son dropped off, which he is 20 now and like I said away in the Marine Corp. since he was 18. And also do I have to continue paying child support for the 16 year old that she told that I am not her father and had her meet her biological father?

Do I need to get a paternity test done and if I do and it shows I am not her father will she drop from child support? I just received papers from child support where she is taking me back to get support raised, but as I see it I shouldn't have to pay a thing because

1) oldest son age 20 in Marine Corp. since age 18, he is married and has a child of his own. 2)youngest son will be 19 years of age in November and he has a child he has had to start paying support for 3) youngest child told by her mother that I am not her father and she had them meet to start a relationship. She wants very little to do with me now. I feel like I have been abused and misused by not only my ex-wife but also the legal system. What should I do?

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Child Support Questions
by: Child Support America Staff

Dear Bill,

Thanks for sharing your situation. You will need to get a paternity test. Legally, you are still responsible for paying child support unless the test says otherwise. BUT, if the test comes back the child is not yours, you can sue your ex for the child support she received from you for 16 years. Judges can order anything. So why the judge ordered that is a great question.

Do you have a visitation order with your daughter?

CSA Staff

Yes i do
by: Bill

Yes I do have a visitation order. while the kids are attending school I get them EVERY weekend. While they are on summer break I get them MONDAY THRU FRIDAY and she gets them on the weekends. and I get them every other holiday and fathers day.

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