Paying Child Support Kids In School

by misty
(highlands nc)

My husband pays for his 17 year old son, he was kicked out of his home by his mom in 09 and quit school in 09, he is now in a boys home with no contact with anyone but the mom who put him there, he lived with a friend for awhile and then a family member and the mom never gave him any of the money or helped him,he has asked for the money and she tells him no it is not his, my husband signed his rights away when the child was born and the kid was kept away for 8 years they say the papers are not legal but legal enough to keep the kid away, we had papers drawn up for joint custody, my husband has asked for a dna test they denied him one, we have not seen the child in 3 years with maybe 1 phone call, we filed a motion to terminate child support because the child never gets the money and his needs are not being provided for.

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