Paying Child Support In Akron Ohio

by jermaine latrell love

I have a baby I didn't even know about by my wife Tiffany doss she making yall make me pay child support for child that's not even mine gave my middle and last name I was in prison when he was born doing 8months I didn't even sign birth certificate and she moved away so I couldn't see if it was mine if it was I don't mind paying for him I just don't believe in paying child support if I can't even see him.

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Paying Child Support
by: Anonymous

Ask for a DNA test before you keep paying support. If the child isn't yours she will have to pay you back. If this child is yours clean up your life. Stay out of prison. Be a good man for your child. So many children are growing up without both parents. This child didn't ask to be born. God has a plan for this child. If this baby is yours grow up and be there for the baby. A father has rights.. It's going to be your duty to make sure your rights are enforced. Get the DNA test first. They sell them online at You pay the DNA lab a little over $100 when its sent back. Or ask the court. It takes more than money to take care of a baby..

File an visitation order at the court house
by: Anonymous

Get a copy of birth certificate from vital records. Contact a family court lawyer for free legal advice. Go online and research legal visitation forms for your state. File at the court house. You have rights. When you go to court for child support demand a DNA and visitation. Unless she has a good reason for denying you visitation (like abuse) you are entitled to see this baby.

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