Paying Child Support For Two Children

by EB Jones
(Columbia SC)

I recently found out that I have a 5 year old son due to the mother and the other guy breaking up and him wanting paternity. She had told me that the child was not mine and I went on with my life. I now have a 2yr old daughter that I have been taking care of since day one. Through research I'm seeing if I am placed on child support for a second child then she will receive the least support. What can I do? I understand taking care of my responsibilities because I do that, my daughter resides in the home with me, however I was unaware of this other child, the other child knows someone else as the father, and the other guy still faithfully takes care of the 5yr. old boy. The mother of the boy even told me that I could sign over my parental rights because the other dude is his father no matter what but with the money I make I can not afford an attorney.

I don't make much money and I don't even make $10 an hour and I made the decision to have another child not knowing that I already had a child and now monies are being taken away from my daughter. The mother of the young boy is benefiting from both parties. She gets my court ordered check and the guy still plays dad and thats only fair with him being in the child's life for so long. So the situation I am looking at is that the child I recently found out was mine has the support of 3 people: the person he knows to be dad, the mother, and myself and I am now struggling to help take care of my other child.

What if anything can I do? Thanks for a response in advance. I reside in South Carolina if that helps.

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Legal Help
by: Child Support America Team Member

Thanks EB,

Your situation is a complex one. There really is no way around it, you need to hire an attorney. In this situation an attorney will fight for your rights but also those of your smaller child. Our site always stresses that Child Support is a legal issue and in cases like yours it really is. If you would like legal help check out our VIP membership program.

Is child support aware you have another child? That counts as an exemption when they calculate an amount.


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