Paying Back Child Support In Arizona When Not In America

by Lost

When, I was 16 my then 18year old GF got pregnant.

I had ZERO adult support and was fully supporting myself.

I had been brainwashed that baby marriage and I did accordingly. I joined the army and sent all but 50usd home every month when in training. When I arrived back we lived together for about 6 months before she moved home.

I wasn't allowed to re-enlist because I didn't have a HS diploma and became jobless and homeless. I did the best I could and gave what I could for years! Then, she decided to get re-married and filed for divorce.

This is when life got interesting. I asked for joint custody and she got angry and during the fight told me strait up it wasn't my child. I was a virgin before so I was ignorant about sex. She was in college and wasn't.

I immediately filed for paternity and her family gave her a lot of money to hire a BIG lawyer. He of course ate me alive and the court of Arizona said it doesn't matter if she is mine or not. Because, I hadn't filed for a paternity test during the first 6months of the child life I was legally responsible for the child.

After, discovering she wasn't mine and getting KILLED by her lawyers I kind of just broke down. I have zero Education no family and really no future i could see.

So, I just left. I never finished anything never stepped foot in court again and never spoke to the EX again. I floated homeless for a long while.

But, thing changed opportunity arose. I built myself up and left America and have made a decent life.

I owe two things student loans and Child support.

I have checked online and nothing is listed about warrants for me. My Arizona Drivers license is still valid. And I can't find any information.

I am Abroad for a long time and in truth I don't think i will ever return. So, how can I pay this and be done with it from overseas. The child is now 19 and I am 36.

I don't have a address or anything permanent etc., my life is now exciting. But, makes it very difficult to find or pay things in Arizona.

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