Paying 16 Dollars A Month Child Support


I am the father and residential parent of my 12 year old son. The mother has some visitation. She is supposed to be making "in kind contributions" and so is not ordered to pay any support. The problem is that she has not contributed a dollar to support our son. So i considering filing for child support.

The issue is that according to the worksheet for out state says that she would pay $16 per month. Can that actually be? She makes min. Wage because she has never worked and she has 4 children. I have worked full time since I had my son and make $30,000 per year and only have one additional children.

I am not going to ask if it is only $16 per month. Surely there is a minimum amount in Ohio? Any help would be appreciated

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Child Support
by: Child Support America Team Member

Thanks for your question. You should file for support. Those calculations are just estimates. Have you opened a case before?


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