Payee Terminate Child Support In Alabama

by Angela "VIP Member"..........

I am the mother of a nine year old son. The father was born, raised and currently still resides in Alabama. I am originally from Michigan and now reside in Texas. I have never lived in Alabama and the father has never lived in Michigan nor Texas and we have never been married.

Years ago, the father was court ordered to pay child support by default of not appearing for the child support hearing. This case was and currently is set through the state of Alabama and Michigan (where the child was born).(There is no father on the birth certificate.) About a year ago, the father went to jail for non-payment (from what I've heard).

He has only seen his son a handful of times within the past 9 years and hasn't seen him the past 4 years. He has barely paid child support over the past 9 years. As the payee, I would like to stop the child support order so that there are no ties between the father and I. The father is in agreement of this. Child support is the only court order; there are no custody orders.

I feel that it is in the best interest of both parties to stop the obligation. I have moved on with my life and am planning to marry soon. I completely understand that it could possibly prohibit myself from receiving further child support in the future - ever. How do I, as the payee, stop the child support order? I appreciate any options you could provide. Thank you.

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Help on the way! VIP Member
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hello Angela,

Lee here.

You should have received your welcome email at this point. We are looking into your situation, and will have response on or before Monday via this thread.

Take care, and we will be back in touch shortly.


Fast Response V.I.P. Question
by: CSA Staff

Hello Angela,

Thank you for sharing your situation. If you are certain on this decision then the first step will be to contact the state where the original child support case is open. You stated that Michigan and Alabama are involved. However, the state that the original case was started in that is where you should begin.

You will need to contact the caseworker and ask the procedure for which to begin closing out the case. Every state has different rules and limitations. In some states you CANNOT close a case if there is back support owed. It is important to ask your caseworker if this rule applies in the state where the order is.

Keep in mind that if you received any type of public assistance then the case may not be able to be closed. The DJFS will want to obtain their monies owed from the Dad because he was not paying regularly.

So begin at the child support office where your case originates. We wish you well and if you have any further questions don't hesitate to ask.


Same situation
by: Anonymous

My husband's ex wanted to take him off..only because we were providing care a lot and purchasing clothes and shoes and things...she just had to contact the local agency and they both had to sign a paper agrreing to terminate the child support. There was a small fee..I think like 30 dollars. But we live in GA

paternity issues
by: Anonymous

I have a 7 year old son out of wedlock and the father's name is not on the birth certificate. I have a child support case open in Alabama. I have a paternity court date set soon. The potential fathers.have moved on with their lives. I was wanting to know is it close the child support case.

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