Payee Holding Back Child Support Money For Daughter

by T
(Chaska, MN)

I am physicality disabled and after two years of talking me into allowing his sister in-law to be my payee. And promising me a lot of help like help around my home a couple times a week, and reassuring me I can always switch control back to me.

So in 2007 my brothers sister in-law became my payee. Now May 2011 I just received the back child support I have been paying my ex-wife while our 12 year old daughter has been placed with me her Dad. My payee wants to quite yet she is not willing to help me switch things back under my control.

Begging of May 2011 My payee sent a $150.00 check out of my 12 year old daughter's account to my brother without talking to me about it. Than my younger sister asked if she could take my daughter shopping. I was upset and told my payee I did not agree via email of course because my payee will not answer my phone calls.

My payee said she did this because she feels I wouldn't keep the slips for all the cloths bought for my daughter.

As far as I know this disagreement is the reason my payee is quiting. Yet my payee is unwilling to assist me in changing everything back under my control.

My payee is telling me I have no choice but to except another payee. My payee contacted Social Security in Wisconsin that is where my payee lives, telling them she is quitting, now she said I have to accept another payee or my benefits will be suspended.

The other day I finally I was told via email how much I was receiving for myself and my 12 year old daughter but not told how much is in the accounts including moneys to help me provide for my 12 year old daughter.

Wednesday May 25, 2011 something started ticking real bad in the engine of my car which I use everyday to bring my daughter to and from school. I emailed my payee and told her I believe my water pump is going out. Would you deposit $30.00 for a water pump and $25.00 for a manual and $12.00 for coolant.

The morning of Thursday May 26, 2011 My payee sent me an email refusing to deposit any moneys and said The money to provide for my daughter my is my 12 year old daughter's money and my payee refuses to send me any to fix the car .


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