Paternity Papers

by Josh
(Everett wa )

So I recieved the papers and she is asking for BACK child support and medical expenses. None of this would even be happening if she wouldn't of lied in the first place because I would of been there for this child, and I still want to, I just feel screwed in every direction. What rights do I haveI was just served paternity papers 5 days ago about a child I wasn't aware was mine. In 2007 I found out this girl I had been seeing for a month was pregnant, so I called her to ask her and she said yes but she was being a surroget for someone. I found this super nice and applauded her for such a kind act.

Then in July I was told by gossip that she wasn't carrying a surroget and she had had an affair with a woman husband in her town and that he was being served with papers. Then a few days later I was told that my name was on those papers as well. So I got ahold of her and she stated that yes my name was on the papers but she was 100% sure it wasn't mine due to useing condoms and birthcontrol and that the guy she broke the marriage up over was INDEED that father, she even named the child after him. She stated that my name was on the court papers due to CPS and DSHS asking her whom she had slept with during the time of conception because if they didn't seek the father out she was going to not recieve financial help to go to school.

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