Passport Denial

by Brian

I am writing as a last resort with the hope that you might be able to help me. I have been offered several overseas employment opportunities, but my passport was denied because of my child support arrearages. When I last checked, they amounted to approximately $70,000 with interest and fees. I cannot afford to pay this sum, and as a result, have had to turn down several positions.

I began falling behind while in the military and then figured that as long as they were garnishing my paychecks, I was fulfilling my obligations.
There are 2 mothers involved, one in Virginia and another in Arizona (3 kids total who are all over 18). The mother in Arizona is willing to settle for $5000 and the one in Virginia was also willing to settle for about $15,000 but after speaking to the CSE caseworker, she began being unreasonable. I

I believe that both collected WIC as well, so I dont know if this would hinder my ability to negotiate a reduction.

I hope that with this synopsis, you can give me an opinion as to whether there is any hope in settling this issue.
Thank you

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