Owing arrearages after the mom passes away?

by Al
(Louisville, KY)

I am a truck driver, and I resided in KY and my ex lives with my daughter in CT. It was a bitter divorce and my ex was evil about letting me see my daughter when ever I had a load going through CT. So I refused to pay the child support and owe close to $40,000.00 in arrears. The state of CT ordered my company to deduct $108.00 weekly, made payable to my wife. My wife passed away in May of 2010, and my daughter is now 30 years old.

Is she entitled to the arrearages, now that my ex has passed away?

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by: Child Support America Team Member

You will need to contact an attorney on this matter.


Same here
by: DJ

I am currently 32 years old, and my father is in the same situation that you are in. My mother passed away two years ago, and I contacted the state to tell them that I did not want the support, that I was 32 years old, and my mother had passed away. It was reported to me that since my mother was not living that the state was going to keep that money. This is crazy.

Response to; Owing after mom passes away
by: Anonymous

That is not truth at all!!!! Someone is lying to you big time. I was on the same scenario, all you have to do is get this form below!


Download the "Document". Make sure your daughter sign the legal document along with a notary and summit it to the court or to your case worker ASAP!!! BY LAW, they can't keep arrears!!! PERIOD, is illegal!!! I "think"...you daughter is lying to you so she continuous to received child support even though is over 30 years OLD!! Now, get it DONE!!!

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