Overtime and child support

by Curtis Gildersleeve
(Austinburg, Ohio)

My name is Curtis Gildersleeve and I am trying to research and change the Ohio county laws on child support. I believe child support should be made, BUT I don't feel that a parent should be punished for working hard.

If you have a dad or mom who works 60 hours a week to make sure their bills are paid, child support is met and to make sure they have money to do things with their children while the other parent with a college degree in a highly demanded postion only works 10-15 hours per week because they can live off the child support is fair!!!

If the parent that only wants to work 10-15 hours per week with a degree when they could work 40-60 hours a week also, so be it, then child support should be counted as an equal!! 15 hours to 15 hours!! I dont feel the parent who works their butt off should be punished for working hard. The overtime should not be counted!!

It should be based on at least 40 and 40. I also feel the courts should hold contempt more. A fathers rights should be taken Serious especially when the childern beg to see them and the mother refuses!!

In my case CSEA filed that child support stays the same at 588.00 per month for one child. No objections were filed within the 30 days. When my x wife found out i was buying a home she went to her lawyer and filed a motion with the court to modify support. She has reduced her hours as an RN to 15-20 hours per week.

I have recently taken a promotion and went out of town for work because I am falling behind on my bills, Since I took the promotion and went out of town because i had to it has made my gross income substantial, but i have to work this much to support my bills and my family and to make sure child support is paid.

I pay for all my sons clothes, coats and shoes for my home as she will not provide them, extra curricular activities which includes his horse lessons and his horse, hunting, baseball etc. My lawyer is worried that my support will go up to over a 1,000.00 Jan 7, 2013 at 10:00am when I have my court date (due to my overtime).

If that happens then I will lose everything. How is that fair to a dad that works hard to support his current family and to make sure his current order of 588.00 is met. When she as an RN could work the same amount of hours I Do but choses not to because she can live off support?

Thank your for your time

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