Overpaying Child Support Need Help

by Ryan Yogi
(Honolulu, Hawaii)

Got divorced in 2007, ex-wife did all the paperwork and filing. My childsupport was handled by her lawyer. I am to pay 700 a month, due to the fact my youngest son is still in preschool. My son is no longer in preschool and is attending public school. I am still paying her 700 a month.

I am no longer employed at this time and my mom is helping me pay for my child support. I would still like to pay for my child support but not 700 anymore. I also had a previous marriage before this one and I pay her 150 a month for one child. I just want to pay what is fair. My ex wife has full physical custody of my kids (2 boys) and I have visitation every weekend.

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Child Support
by: Child Support America Team Member

Dear Ryan,

You will need to request for a modification. Contact your child support office and request the paperwork. Is there anything stated in your divorce decree that the child support CANNOT be lowered at anytime?


Being cheated by system left hand dont know what right hand doing
by: Anonymous

When my daughter turn 18 in 2006 I only owed 4,900@72 dollars a week in 2011 got a letter sayng I owed 7,000 dollars you do the math so I call about it a month after the call I get I get a check for 900.00 dollars were I over payed so they still was taking my money for 2months mind you im done paying they sent me my money back for two months so I called them told them if im done close the account so they did two month later the mom go down tell them I still owe her money instead of investagating they sart taking my money again so I called talked to a supervisor in nc he said it should have never been reopen so hear I am getting ripped off need help really cant afford an attorney this should be s big red flag for anyone need help

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