Over 19 And Paying Child Support

by LaDoy Owens

My son turned 19 years of age on Septer 2, 2010. He is enrolled in college in Missouri. My divorce decree from May 200 states Verbatim: Court's ruling: A. The plantiff shall pay to the defendant as child support the sum of $400.00 per month beginning May, 2000. Payments are to be made directly. B. jurisdiction be and hereby is retained in this cause as to maintenance of said minor child as to the Court may deem proper and as changed conditions may require. C. It is further ORDERED, ADJUGED and DECREED by the court that the costs having been prepaid in this cause that no costs are due to be taxed herein. Dated, 8-8-00 rosemary deJuan Chambers Circuit Judge

My x- stated that Alabama has a state law that says I have to pay child support till my son turns 21 years old. Is this true? I was never ordered to do that by the court and divorce decree. I have been giving my x- 400.00 per month since September, but if I can stop, I want to stop.

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