Ohio Driver License Suspension

I supported both my daughter and her mother up until we split up when she, my daughter was eight years old. At that point the mother made me pay $500.00 dollars per visit to see my daughter....eventually I stop paying and she filed for support..."No Problem" I knew it would be cheaper than $500.00 a visit! We get to court and I waive the Paternity test rights to expedite the process "MY DAUGHTER IS A FEMALE VERSION OF ME"! So the judge asks the mother have I supported the child to date...@ that moment I could remember her saying to me just a few weeks prior....

"I am going to make you pay child support for the rest of your life" well she did some research and found out that question was going to be asked and that a "no" response equates to automatic arrears. Of course she lied and said no, I immediately told the judge that was not true and she ask me if I had receipts for the last eight years! Long story short, I was in 9,800 dollars arrears from DAY 1! My daughter is now 20 years old and the support order was stopped when she turned 18, leaving me the arrears+interest that was from day 1! Now my license has been suspended for about 10 months now. I have just started paying on my arrears in June 01, 2010 consecutively every month, Today I went to make my regular payment and requested if I made an additional 2-months payment for a total of 8 consecutive payments could I be reinstated also stating to the caseworker that I have been turning down "non-telecommute" work opportunities the last 1 being 50.00/hr because of my license being suspended. She stated even though I have been diligent in the last 6-months of paying my arrears that I needed to pay $1400.00 dollars for reinstatement and that I could pay the next ten years successfully without missing a payment and still will not be reinstated unless the lumpsum was paid...this cannot be the proper protocol in the state of Ohio? Thanks in advance fro your help.

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