Ohio Child Support Is For The Kids Right

by Brian Schirmer
(Wilmington Ohio)

My name is Brian Schirmer and i have a serious question about my grandson which gets child support from his father. My daughter Sarah Mann gets child support for him 60.00 a week and all she buys with it for him are diapers.the rest of the money is spent on cigarettes and gas for her van to get back and forth to work and other stuff. Isn't there a law in place that states the money should be spent on the child. How can we change it to make sure the child gets the money and give the father some kind of print out like a bank statement so he know where his money is going???

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Child support
by: Child Support America Team Member

Dear Brian,

Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done. When the parent receives child support through the system it is out of your hands. It is sad when the money does not go to the child's needs. Does your son have court ordered visitation?


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