Ohio Bureau of Child Support Modification

by Jamie Ingersoll
(Toledo, Ohio. USA)

My daughter passed away in August 2003. My husband and I received custody of grandson. The juvenile court transferred existing child support order changed to my name. Father lives in Washington and has seen his son only once when he was 2 weeks old.

In 2005 a modification request was filed and I received documents Ohio CSB had received from Washington court increasing child support. We sporadically (for the most part somewhat regular) received the increased amount. Father has since moved to California (late 2005). In February 2009 another request for modification was filed.

After some time and not hearing about the progress of the modification I called my local CSB agency. They indicated they had requested Washington to transfer support order to California. After about a year (and significant arrearages)I enlisted a lawyer to intervene. He however was unsuccessful as well.

Now after t2 years I finally received a letter from Child support stated the father has overpaid his support by nearly $15,000.00 and will not have to pay any child support until 2013. I immediately called my local agency and they response was the father was never notified of the previous modification in 2005. This letter was also sent to the father.

I have the documents from the Washington court signed by a court official. I do not understand if the father was never notified then why for the last six years has he been paying the 2005 increased amount? When I call the local agency if I get to talk to someone I feel as though I am getting the run around.

This has come at a really bad time for us as my husband is currently being treated for stage 4 cancer. I really don't know what to do at this point. I am afraid this will significantly impact my grandson as well.

I know the father is working, owns his own home and from all indications living well in California. I need some advice. I tried contacting the county commissioners office who oversee the local child support office. I have not received any response from them either. Is there anything I can do to correct this problem and speed up the modification request.

Thank you for listening.

Jamie Ingersoll

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