Obtaining Medical Records And Pursuit Of Custody

by Bryon

My Name is Bryon I am the father of a beautiful little girl named Lily. I currently live in Reno Nevada to go college. The short version of this is the mother lives in Oregon with my daughter,I up to about a month ago had moved to Oklahoma to take care of my Mom whose health was falling fast.My ex decided she did want to move with me so i had moved there to take care of mom.We were not married.Shortly after i had moved i began paying child support and medical for my daughter.That went well for about four years.On November 17,2009 i was talking to my daughter on the phone and she said something about being touched somewhere she shouldn't have.Well i got upset got my ex on the phone and she proceeds to tell me the year before that my daughter had been molested by her husband.Since then i have been fighting and arguing with various different agencies trying to figure exactly what had happened.

I had never received any phone calls or any notices in the mail about this.. I am furious about it. Since i found out i have got some records from the Rose-burg police department in Oregon where this had happened.I have also been in contact with DHS there in that city and currently waiting on records from there office. What i am trying to do is i need to know how to proceed with a lawsuit. I feel they have violated my rights of a father by not notifying of such a act taking place. They also turned custody over to my daughter's grandmother for a short period of time as well while the investigation took place. The husband is currently serving a sentence in Oklahoma state prison for Sexual Abuse in the first degree. I was notified at all to this happening.They are not any court orders for visitation or anything.The only court order that exists right now that i know is for child support.Any Help you could offer in this matter i would be very grateful. Thanks in advance for the help.

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Help your child
by: Anonymous

Get a lawyer and try to get that baby. Be a good father. Take out a loan if you have to and get your child and provide a stable home for her. I can't believe you were not contacted.

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