Obtaining Drivers License With Child Support Arrears

by Eric
(Jacksonville FL)

I cannot work and have been instructed by my doctor not to work. I was diagnosed 4 years ago with a connective tissue disorder. It causes tumors in my hands and feet. I just recently had my foot surgery and it has rendered me useless on my feet for longer then 15 mins without pain. This has created a huge problem in me paying back the arrears.

CP is willing to accept half of total amount owed and has no problem with me getting my drivers license back with the hopes i can get a job driving since i can no longer work on my feet as i once did. I was denied SSDI due to not working recently enough and was told to find a job i can do. Cant get a lawyer with 23k in arrears and i feel stuck ! i have sold anything of value i own in an attempt to go to the child support office with a little over 500 dollars and explain my situation. I am in Jacksonville FL. Please any advice i can get would be great.

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