Not Understanding Child Support

by xcape81

I gave my father custody of my son 3 years ago, because i moved out of state, and needed help. i was issued to pay $50.00 a month. i did not know i was supposed to go through child support. My father at the time was getting assistance, so child support came after me.i payed all the owed money at the time back. My son for over a year has lived with me, but custody is still with my father. I have proof of him in school..etc..i had a clean slate with stark county child support. My father has not recieved any assistance since my son moved with me.This whole time child support was still charging me, and say im still ordered to pay over 700.00 dollars because my dad still has custody.

They suspended my lisence in ohio for this, and now will take my income tax, that i actually claimed my son on..Where is this money going? My father has not used any government assistance, and does not want to enforce this. they are charging me while im taking care of my son, but has never enforced a dime out of the father of my son, which has been an 11 year case. can someone tell me how this is legal? i have all the documentatio to prove my son here. There are not giving me straight answers, and will not tell me where this money is going to go if they do take it..It just dosent make sense.they have never been help in my life, and i want them out of it

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