Not Reporting Income To Avoid More Child Support

by A concerned Mom

My ex is deliberately not reporting all of his income. He receives w-2s as well as 1099s to report on his income tax return. He does not report the 1099s. When the court as well as my lawyer asks to view his tax returns, those returns do not show 1099 income but I know it exists.

I've contacted one of the businesses that has supplied him with a 1099 for income he received and received response showing income he has not reported. He ex has not acknowledged this income to us or the courts. While married to him, he always wanted to file his tax returns ASAP and not show the 1099s because he had to pay taxes on those 1099s.

He'd receive a return on the w-2 income and wait until the government came after him for the taxes owed on the the 1099s. Now that we're divorced (since 2005), he has refused to show me his tax returns stating it's none of my business despite that being part of the divorce decree - that we exchange tax returns annually.

Last year he took me to court to reduce child support citing a significant decrease in income and wanting additional placement. This is currently still ongoing. He has threatened these actions for years if I do not give him more placement. He has argued that he wants 50% placement to avoid paying any child support.

After filing for reduced support and increased placement, he told me that if I do not agree to his demands, that I will be the one responsible for dragging my kids through the system. I didn't give in, he has told the kids it's my fault they have to see our appointed guardian ad litem.

I am extremely uncomfortable giving him more placement and feel he is constantly trying to strong arm me into giving in and now telling me and my kids that this is all my fault.

He tells the kids that I am taking his money and that anything we do or purchase is "on his dime". I don't want additional child support from him, I have never taken him to court to increase child support.

In fact, fool that I am, to avoid "rocking the boat", I have agreed for years to receive less than is he is legally obligated to give us. I know that if I can get a judge to order him to show the court his true annual income by supplying the court with documentation from the IRS of his annual income for the past 5 years.

I know that these annual amounts will differ dramatically from what he shows on his tax returns prepared by a local preparer. I need to prove that his credibility is nil, that his sole reason for increased placement is to lessen child support and ultimately stop any child support.

He is outright lying to the courts yet no one will believe me when I know from experience that this is what he does. I am willing to show the same proof of earned income from the IRS, why isn't he? Some background on me, I was a stay at home mom once we had kids.

I was always grateful I had that opportunity while he bragged that he could support all of us, I didn't need to work. Once I filed for divorce, he insisted I was the one that refused to get a job which was completely untrue.

Once I was going through divorce, I finished a two year degree and obtained full time employment which was quite a feat during these tough economic times. While going through divorce, he paid what he wanted for child support, not what he was ordered.

We had friends and family bringing us groceries while I struggled to pay bills and cringed every time a bill collector called - all day long. Not once did I go on any form of state or government assistance. We never got the arrears built up prior to the final divorce and he was ordered to pay family support for two years.

This amounted to what the state requires for child support and a little more for me BUT I had to pay taxes on all of it. That meant we received what equaled state guideline amounts for child support.

After family support for two years, we began receiving child support but in the amount that was as if I was employed full time but I wasn't. I kick myself every day for taking the high road and shortcutting us to avoid making waves for my kids' sake with their father.

Apparently that wasn't good enough for him. He is also fighting contempt charges for not removing me from the marital mortgage and paying off the marital debt. I gave up the marital property in exchange for him taking the marital debt (nearly all created by him). He had equity in that mortgage but squandered his earnings and failed to improve his credit.

I think he doesn't want me off this mortgage because the rate is great. If he obtained a new mortgage, he could pay the marital debt and have some to spare! He doesn't pay the mortgage on time, he's consistently a month or more behind. He is constantly damaging my credit.

No matter what, it seems this guy won't let me move on with my life and he is successfully convincing the courts that he is doing the best he can. As of now, I must remain on this mortgage and can't do anything because this is destroying my credit!

As I already said, I need to prove this person has no credibility. I feel everything about this person is about him relinquishing control over me. The more independent I am, the more he does to keep me reeled in. GRRRRRRR.

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Stay Strong For The Kids
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hello Concerned Mom,

Thanks for your story and post. We sincerily commend you on taking a stand with your ex husband, and not caving in to his demands!

You appear to be a strong woman, and we ask that you continue to remain this way for your kids. It's a terrible shame that he is not only doing this to you, but to the children as well.

Divorce is always difficult, and their should not be added stress on their behalf. Please know that what your ex is doing in the dark will eventually come to light.

Sooner or later his deception will be exposed, and the truth revealed. I'm sure you will receive many responses to this post, and we know that it will encourage other visitors to this site. We are a neutral party here at Child Support America, but you are a positive example that women do not have to bow to men trying to get over on the system.

Our question to you is: how many times have you been to court on this matter, and what's his true relationship with the kids.


re: Not Reporting Income To Avoid More Child Support
by: A concerned Mom

Thank you for your kind words and support.

About a year after the divorce, he began not fully paying court ordered family support. I paid child support services to enforce our case & they intercepted his tax return. We have made agreements outside of court for him to have more time with his kids. The first agreement he didn't adhere to, the second agreement was alternating weeks during summer break. If I didn't agree to that, he'd take me to court for 50/50.

My kids are left with an unlicensed babysitter during summer break (she was reported), my oldest son had 2nd degree burns from sunburn, they're unsupervised in the pool.

The kids have told the GAL they don't want anything to change.

His relationship with them: he works 60 hours a week. The kids spend most of their time with their stepmom.

He puts my oldest son in the position that he's got to be the grownup (he's 11). He wants the kids to feel bad. Just like his own father who always gave them the guilt trip and wanted everyone to feel sorry for him because his wife left him.

He doesn't attend soccer practices or games (not during the marriage, not now). All three have played soccer since kindergarten. The kids joined 4H last year. He refused to attend anything at the fair to do with their entries. Now he's telling the GAL that I refused to give them any information for 4H. Now he insists he wants to be involved and he even went to the last monthly meeting but, he stayed only for half the meeting!

He's missed promised lunches at school with all three kids. He'll apologize and decide to make it the next day.

It's too much trouble for himself or his wife to take the kids to soccer games on their Saturdays so we go pick them up and bring them back to his house so that they don't have to miss soccer.

He makes promises like taking them to the zoo during spring break. They came home to me today, Easter, and said they didn't go. This is typical.

Their dog bit a child two years ago. If the dog bites again, he's to be put down. Two weeks ago, the kids said the dog went after their father because he went into their bedroom. If I say something I'll be the butting in ex. They have four cats and three dogs in this house along with 6 kids when they're all there! There was a time when the kids came home with flea bites all over. I spoke with docs, vets, health department. They said there's nothing that can be done because no one has gotten sick from those bites!

The system says kids adapt very well. My ex seems to love this - forcing them to adapt and change whenever he decides because he feels scorned. I just want him to be levelheaded and consistent yet he's very up and down. He's been through counseling but hasn't kept up with it. He convinces the system that because he hasn't gotten in any trouble, that he's all good.

No 1099s in Northampton County, PA Child Support System
by: Anonymous

Why does Domestic Relations Child Support require W2s to be seen for a basis of child support but not 1099s???? Doesn't make sense. No 1099 to show income that is attached to your tax return, then the tax return should not be accepted as a basis for income and the order shall be as is.

That's it. Not fair to the person who is honest throughout the whole process. It is in the best interest of the child, not the parent. When a parent is scorned, they would do almost anything to hurt the other person.

Child Support is a joke
by: Anonymous

Child support in certain cases are set to high the way it is. When it was enforced by federal to come up with guideline not only did states have a year to come up with it or lose their funding (that's right, states get so much for every dollar collected).

It was created with lower incomes in mind (to get CP's off welfare), so any one who has a higher income get's raked over.

Child support unfortunately tries to create equality in household which is actually maintenance in disguise as child support. If the Custodial parent were single they would have to pay their own rent, utilities ect.. So why does a Non Custodial parent have to pay above and beyond the actual needs of a child?

In some states it is a percentage of the payer's money, and yet the payer pays all the taxes, the CS receiver gets to collect all the tax breaks. The CS payer also gets child support set on 'Unearned income" (prior bonuses, overtime, ect. ) So if they do not have any overtime again they get stuck with arrears.

It is sickening!!!
But yet the Child Support receiver can sit on their but and receive welfare, or get a new boyfriend/ hubby that also helps with the rent, bills but yet that is never taken into consideration.

......Child Support system is a JOKE and they falsely claim to be doing it for the best interest of the child......Right, well then why is JOINT PHYSICAL placement automatically given and both parents get the children 50/50? instead of making Father's try to fight in court just for the right to have his child half the time.....

get a life
by: Anonymous

Give that man his kidshalf the time and support those kids yourself when you have them. Greedy cunt, I hope your kids hate you for pushing their father away and trying to medal inhospitable finances. Get a job scumbag.

Why Protect Him?
by: Anonymous

First of all, ignore the demented piece of filth, that is so educationally challenged he must resort to such a nasty, vile tongue! Probably some no good, deadbeat, half wit that's crying because the judge made him pay his fair share! I feel sorry for the unlucky lady, or any lady that has the gruesome, misfortune of running into the likes of your sorry ass! Yikes!!! And FYI Loser- I'll never return to this page, so whatever four lettered word your feeble, mini mind can drum up, with your limited vocabulary to try and hurt me, will go forever unread by me!
And as for the woman going on about her ex? Why don't you do something?

To the people that think child support is a joke
by: Anonymous

I just happened upon this page and was reading some comments I regards to the original post. Child support is a joke? And calling the mother a crude name?

You two must be extremely ignorant men who are pissed off because you were forced to pay child support or you are absolutely clueless on how much it takes to raise a child or HOW to raise a child. I too am a single mom, who's baby's father goes for months on end with sending me a penny or even asking about his child.

I was forced to move back in with my parents with a newborn baby because I could not afford to live on my own. Yes if I was single I would be paying my own ten etc, but with a child there is a bigger place, clothes, food, diapers, formula, medical nessecities, daycare, and all the list of other things that you need to raise children.

Your costs triple. TWO people made that child, but I'm the one paying for EVERYTHING. He's out there with his 3 cara, two boats all designer clothes and buying his gf and her kids whatever and going on trips, and I can't afford to fix my car because every cent I have goes to my child.

So don't even start on child support is a joke. You obviously have no idea what it's like to raise a child on your own. So keep your uneducated, moronic opinions to yourself.

stop being a sponge
by: Anonymous

this is just some bs. i have payed my support, bought all my kids school cloths, got there glasses and many other things. my ex is taking me back to court to raise my support and to claim that i have abused my children, (even know i dont even spank my children). she constantly lies and makes stuff up just to get attention.

my advise to this woman is get a job and stop trying to ruin a man when he is paying you more than what is due to you. if you dont like the amount he is paying then give him custody and you pay him support. he has as much right as you to have the kids. oh wait that wont happen because your like every other sponge that keeps the kids for a financial gain and to do nothing but drive that knife in his back. the system is messed up and you need some help!!!

Honesty is a lost art
by: Anonymous

Wow, really? Im wondering how old some of you are? Obviously there ARE some cases where there is dishonesty on one or both sides. I may be wrong but i read the original post and see where that woman absolutly has been shorted. I too am dealing with an ex that is lying, hiding and not reporting full income to avoid paying child support. In my case the facts are this: $29.00 a month based on a app. 75,000.00$ a year income (which is in the process of being proven) is an outrage. My income has been fully reported and proven. I feel that in some cases, not all, there is fraud, based on hard feelings, being committed. Assuming that all people are foul because of your instance is down right ignorant. May i just say, I am outraged for both men and women alike when the other parent is trying to lie and mislead in order not to provide for their children.

I am going through the same thing
by: Anonymous

I am going through the same thing and have been for 6 years. He never produces real income but decreases child support every year. Always wants more time. I was once told I would have to hire a forensic accountant to see if this was for sure the case. Can't afford it due to lack of $.

Clear Differences
by: Anonymous

There is a clear difference between men and women when it comes to this topic. I agree with the women that there is no need to attack, but I agree with the men that child support was created and is used as a means of welfare.

Now, there are deadbeat out there on both sides, but more often than not it is the men. With that said there are a lot of men, including my self that want their children. I fight more my kid every year to get closer and closer to half time.

I'm discriminated against because I'm a man and obviously have no idea how to take care of a child. Men are very very aware how much it costs to raise a child, they are the ones that have to pay for it. I have my child now half time, and I'm the day care provider several days while mom is at work. Then I have her every other weekend. At my home she has her own clothes, furniture, food, ect... Yet I pay the mother $1112 per month.

She makes 40K and I make right at 100K. She receives her $1112 per month as tax free income while I have to pay taxes on that income. In addition to the child support I'm required to pay for the child's medical, dental and life insurance. My take home is ~$4900 per month while hers is ~$2600. Move the child support over at its ~$3700 (me) and ~$3700 (her).

In all honesty I think I get around $50 dollars more a month. I have two other children that live with me as well. Mom is on support for the next 14 years. It is really really sad. I have a pHD and she chose to drop out of college. So yes, the system is most definitely unfair, especially considering the 50/50 split. I will say this to the those men that are kind but having a difficult time swallowing the injustice.

I take great satisfaction in the fact that my child get more than half of her rearing from me and over 100% of her financial support. In the end the child will be a product of me outside of the genetics. They can take our money, but they can't take our influence or the love your child has for you.

by: Anonymous

First each 1099 is reported to the IRS with a 1096 .......all it needs to be done is cross reference with the IRS , .......the courts and the IRS will love this .....and the judge too .

It is a mutual responsibility of the parents . Take responsibility for your children and their needs .

Every situation is differant
by: Anonymous

I am a single mother also and my ex is lying about his income too. I do agree that some women are not fit to be mothers and have seen females use their kids as weapons of vengeance! However many men (not all) do not realize or even care how much it costs to raise a child.

My ex is going to have to spend ten days in jail b/c he has not paid a cent in over a year. Many ppl wonder what good it does to send them to jail b/c they can't work if they are in jail, but honestly if they are not paying anyways then why not send them??? Honestly I have asked my ex to just sign his rights over, I do not want his money I just want him to quit hurting my son with his lies!

Some fathers are great and some are worthless, the same thing is true about mothers also; some are great and some are worthless! The child is what should always be put first! Good luck to the unselfish loving parents!

Blink of an eye
by: Anonymous

Before any Mother, or Father knows it, a child becomes a young adult. I raised four boys, and don't recall any of them asking if their father paid his support that month. What they did notice was his self chosen absence in their lives. When he did manage to come and see them, they were often confused and angry with him.

I still find it odd, anyone with functioning sex organs can become a parent, but you must have training and hours behind the wheel with an instructor to obtain a license to drive a car. Shouldn't you also have some sort of training as a parent? You have too much time and energy if you are spewing angry words on here from either side. Focusing on the problem will only generate more problems. Focus on honesty, doing your personal best as, Mother or Father.

You don't have to take my word for it, but I have been there. It wasn't easy keeping my ex's name out of my mouth when things were financially hard, or parenting became hard, and they needed a male role model. I decided I would make the negative a positive and show my sons how to handle the money we had, and as they grew older, we competed for ways to save money, and make money.

I showed them stability and forgiveness, versus name calling and anger. It was a hell that if I could bottle and sell as a weapon, I'd be wealthy by the billions. Nothing worth doing comes easy, otherwise everyone would be rich and have everything they wanted! I waked through the hell that is being a single Mother, and I can't tell you how rewarding it is to sit back and watch them walk this earth as handsome, educated, caring, productive men.

At my oldest son's wedding his father attended and he was like a turd in a punch bowl, out of place and rarely acknowledged. You want revenge so bad? Take it in the form of always being there for your children. Today, my sons always come home to me when they can. If I ever needed them, they will be here for me. When it's Christmas, my home is filled with young men and their beautiful wives/girlfriends.

I imagine their Father's home is cold and empty, but I can't be for sure because I put my focus and investments where it counted, on his sons that never visit him.

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