Not Recieving Child Support But Always In Court

by Ms. R
(Cincinnati, Ohio Hamilton)

Life dishes out lemons have Pizza and Lemonade

Life dishes out lemons have Pizza and Lemonade

In 2001 I receive court order summons I was charge by my common law husband at the time with what he stated " He gave me an undiagnosed psychological order and abusive mother-I recall telling the judge I agree with the psychological part because I worked for the US Postal Service haha bad joke I know.And if I was abusive then call 241 kids hot-line Nevertheless this is from a person who I found out while living with me and my child he was and still is a crack head, a thief, a liar, fraud, charged with gross sexual impersonation-later dismiss.

The list goes on,it's about a 6 pager. He wanted custody because Postal workers pay about $800 a month @ that time. I did a standard divorce then later custody that's the way the lawyer handle it. I never filed for child support the court did.if he can't supply his drug habit he can't pay for support. I had my child in 1994 he made it clear the child wasn't his-cool with me I have a job no problem he just had to get out of my face. I never told my child about him until I receive the summons in 2001.

Paternity test was done later yes 99.99 his. She's a Beautiful young lady.Studying Biotech. I've been in and out of court the court set the order of child support since 2002, Over the years she might get $20.00 a year the most was $35.00. He has been in and out of jail-on probation it was or still is in the Grand Jury but now back in Domestic, He claim he had some jobs( uhm haven't paid any taxes-I've been told he is working underneath the table)Appealing an SSI claim which he got a doctor to make claims NOW he has an physical and psychological issue and can't work around other people which is fraudulent he wants visitation again which he has now charge me contempt, the last supervise visitation was Oct 2002, it's now 2010,of course he didn't show.

And with these issue I don't want him around her. Hey doesn't this sound like one of those CSI shows?I have to continue after all these years to listen to all these lies and the judge and magistrate allows this to go on. Yes they have to listen to him. It's there job, My taxes pay for this. I can tell by the frowns on the judge/magistrate by us not having attorneys: I sit quietly and stick to the facts. I've been on retire disability from my job in the last 9 years I can not afford a lawyer it's not feasible, my income has drop more than half, But I will continue to Praise God for keeping my daughter and my self.

Yes he should pay he has given the court every excuse in the book the most recent one is he was caught up in an home invasion and the point is what? I want the support to continue till she finish college she's 16 now I believe it's in my divorce decree. Need to read I just know hahah I divorce and have sole custody of MY child. Yep she's Mine. And what ever is the rearrange that should be paid until it is paid. I am so tied of going back in forth to court; parking is a mess. I don't care if it is maybe once or twice a year. He continues to file, appeals which is his right, he doesn't have a job.He can't work due to his illness.

He can't stand long, can't work around other people. Oh I want to work this other job can't remember the name. The economy is bad and he gave statics to prove it. Way to go. Sound like he should be committed to a mental hospital. Can that be suggested in court? Truly this is funny I laugh now because I don't want to laugh in court at least I try not to. Because I can see myself asking to be excuse and before I get to the door I burst out laughing and I won't make it back in the court room. I have to laugh. A few times I had to pinch my self and wipe the tears from my eyes because it was truly hilarious.

And this isn't even a script. It's almost like an Amway meeting you got to be there. He has stated 3 different times in court as well as in his written appeal that he has an psychological issue. The best story was. well one of the best, there have been so many, his statement was their are many people out there that owe more than he does, why am I in court? He has been in contempt of court for non payment, missed court date the list just goes on He disagree with the magistrate decision the judge decision. CSEA decision, it was my fault that I got a lawyer at the time yep he said this in court. And this one. He claims some has stolen his identity, WOW !!

I can't NEVER get a hold to his probation officer now it's a new person I see why they call it the kangaroo court. It's a JOKE a real live JOKE. But God ain't laughing and WE ALL got a price to pay. If sometimes I can take a vacation from my own mind. Oh and I was getting phone calls then hanging up the court has both of our address and phone I wasn't aware for some reason they gave mine to him and I have his. He showed up at our home he is NOT ALLOWED here, the police was called by the time they were dispatch he and his driver had left. and This happens everywhere we have have lived.

Like I said before he hasn't paid federal/local taxes - He's making fraudulent claim on SSI he says he can't stand long well he's standing on the corner for hours. Nevertheless. I just want to handle my case in court in an orderly way which I have I want to make sure when I go back soon my child will still be entitle to support whether physically she gets it or not. With NO visitation.

It's sad in a way but good in a whole lot of ways the courts thinks they know best but many times it's not good at all for the other parent to be involve, not with attributes like this. The Best part I haven't said anything bad about him to my child in her life time,he has done it ALL on his own with no help from me. I remember my lawyer telling me that and he stated he won't do visitation long about a few times and he will stop, that was true. And the real of it all it has nothing to do with my child. And many people that knows this they see it, I'm sure the court sees it also but maintain the realms of the law.

The Best part out of this relationship is my Gift from God and that is my child. Many people have and will go through worst but through it all YOU must have God in your life and your Life in God. At the end of the day You might as well laugh. Kiss your child(ren) always tell them you love them and show it. That other person is who missed out. It's been said you can't miss what you don't have.

I can't say for sure what my child feels or thinks on that but she's well surround with Love, What I have observed it's not an issue for her.
I treated this situation with him like Sodom and Gomorrah I didn't look back-there isn't anything to look back for.

So when life dishes out lemons have a Pizza and some lemonade and call it a day.

Ms. R

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