Non-custodial mom moving out of country

by Drew
(Los Angeles)

My ex wife beat my (our) kids for six years after I moved out and I never knew it. It finally came to light in Feb. 2009 when I rescued my kids and she broke into my house trying to get them back, I guess so she could beat them more. After jail time for her, court cases for all of us, the two teenagers live with me and their step-mom. Their mom didn't pay for a year, throughout all the court, then, had her sister pay the CS for six months then she took over. But has not paid for Jan. 2011 and has told the kids she is selling the house and moving to AFRICA!!!!

ALL THIS and she is a HIGH paid nursing supervisor for the Federal Government!!!!!...she has no reason NOT to pay, she is just an angry bitter women who lost her husband, now her too kids!!! HELP!!!

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Child Support
by: Anonymous

Let the child support know what she is planning on doing. They will always be able to track where she is by her social. If she is obligated to pay she must pay. If not of course her license will be taken and after that jail time for her. If she is behind 500 they will take her license away.

by: Anonymous

If someone owes more than $2,500 it is possible to have their passport suspended or revoked, which obviously prevents international travel.

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