Non Custodial Parents Receives Settlement

My situation is summed up in the title. My son's father received a large settlement of over $200,000 a few months back and he told me that his job had taken out $5000 from the settlement check and had given it to DCSS. So I waited a few months and never received any of this $5000 payment that was supposedly been taken out for child support and even alimony. My ex-husband which is the non-custodial parent admits to having being paid this money and able to pay it to me, yet when I contacted DCSS about this, they are leaving it all up to me to get this money owed to me.

DCSS claims that they do not even know anything about this and was not given any payment of $5000. I do find this strange because naturally the custodial father would not have told me this if it were not true. He was very poor before this (the settlement) with no job. Down on his luck in this economic time. I know because I witnessed this. He even bought a near new car and I know for a fact he would not have the means to do this if he did not have the money. Other evidence that I have personally seen with my own eyes makes me know that he did receive this money. I just do not understand why this money I should have received did not get applied to child support on our behalf?

Also I do receive my regular monthly payments with no problems, just this large amount of $5000 I am concerned about. We really do need this money at this time, because I am unemployed and I have to admit that my child's father is doing his part monetary wise. I cannot deny this. I just need to know how I can get this $5000 that is owed to us? How do I go about receiving it? I want to find out where this money,$5000 is.



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