Non Custodial Parent Lies About Income And Is Paid Under The Table

by L. Figueroa
(Newark, NJ USA)

I am so confused about my situation that I have run out of options on how to deal with it. My son's father works in a grocery store that pays him cash. He says he only makes $300.00 a week because that’s all he claims on his taxes but I know that's not true. If it were, how would he be able to afford an apartment in Clifton, NJ that’s $1300.00 dollars, a brand new Acura MDX truck, and still be able to support three children (two of which are not his biological children. All that I ask is that he pays his child support on time. He only had to pay $50 a week up until he starting to get behind on his payments. Now he has to pay $80 dollars a week and can’t even manage to do that. He's behind in payments ($1,279.15) and he pays it when he feels like doing so. I don't really know what to do anymore. I am going to schedule a motion for an increase but I honestly don’t think that would help because the judge will go by how much he "makes" and not by his assets or am I wrong? I need help. What should I do?

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Sorry For Your Troubles
by: Child Support America Team Member

Sorry about your frustration with not receiving enough child support. You are in a difficult situation because it's hard to prove his assets. What you can do is press the issue of the back child support that he owes via the court process.

The judge will ask the source of his income. Getting paid under the table can be illegal, so this may force him to expose his real wages.


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