Non custodial income tax on daughter

by Sarh N.
(Edwardsville, Ks.)

I just recently started to get child support for my oldest daughter and she is 12.I have eceived child support from her father onher brother. When I found out that all this time he was only paying for my son and not both I contacted cse and got a new order. I receive 56.31 for my son and 130.62 for my daughter. I would like to know if I just know gt a court order on her will he still owe for the past 10 years that we have not been together. I got his income tax 2 years ago for my son's c.s. order, so will I receive them for my daughters new court order. He acknowledges they are his so I didn't have to get a dna test. Thank You Sarah Nagorney

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