No Clue About Child Support

by Bill

Hi My name is bill. My child support night mare started in Florida. were the original child support began. before Florida there were no court orders of any kind. paying child support was fine with me I love my children and wanted to see they were being taken care of.and raising children are very expensive.up to this point every thing was fine I was having my support taken out of my pay checks.the night mare started when my x wife moved to New York and was on the phone every month screaming were is my money. I would tell her they are still taking it out of my checks but it took time for the state of Florida to send it to new york.

And then new york send it to her well she said Ill take care of that so she had the child support stopped here in Florida and showed me the paper work and the enforcement stopped taking the money out of my pay checks and I then started to pay her directly. then shortly after that we got back to gather I moved to New york and got a job and lived with my family from 2000 to 2004 I paid the bills fixed the cars bought the bikes toys cloths food and anything else my children needed.

Well in 2005 me and my x split up again and I moved back to Florida and soon after my 2 youngest son's moved to live with me I had my 16 year old in high school and my other son was out of school and working full time . my youngest son got home sick for his New york friends and moved back with his mother which was about 9 months later.

So I started to send her money again for child support well in the state of Florida you no longer have to pay child support after the age of 18. and in New York they can make you pay till 21. so she goes to the New York court 2 months before my youngest son;s 18th birthday and files for child support and tells them I have not paid child support since 2003 and I'm 25.000 dollars in arrears. now we are not talking about poor single mother with 3 children living on food stamps this women has two master degrees and makes 80.000.00+ a year and works for Corning Inc. '

So I hired a new york lawyer who stuck the fork in me he knew less about the law then I did and just took my money and threw me under the bus I did not keep records or receipts because under my understanding there was no court order in force and I was just doing the right thing and supporting my children the only proof I have IS about 30.000 in pay checks with my x wife signature on the back of them showing they were deposited in her bank account that only had her name on it.

And all these checks are from the time she said I did not live with her and my children and was not paying child support. since then I have had a stroke and became disabled and can not work. all my children are grown my youngest is 20 in the service. And Im still on the hook that's my support night mare and still having it

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child support
by: Anonymous

If there is a child support hearing set you can show the court the evidence you have that you did pay her that whole time showing she signed the checks. If not you should file for a child support modification. As far as paying for your youngest son you shouldnt be paying for him anymore especially if he is in the service.

by: Anonymous

I tried. I ask for a modification of child support I sent the checks money order etc. and the only thing I could get from the school showing that my son lived with me for a year was his class schedule. I did not have the money for a lawyer. The day of court hearing my X wife's lawyer had a motion to stop my evidence from being permitted they said it was not presented correctly and was not permitted I asked the judge what that meant and all he said is I can't advise you.

by: Anonymous

You should look up the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction And Enforcement Act (UCCJEA)

"Once a state court has made a custody determination, that state keeps jurisdiction over all matters concerning that child, unless:

1. A court of the state with jurisdiction determines that the child or the child and a parent do not have a significant connection with the state, AND evidence concerning the child's custody determination is not available in the state;

2. A court of the state with jurisdiction, or any other state, determines that the child and BOTH parents or acting parents do not reside in the state any longer."

I fought this one all the way to the state appeals court and won. My ex-wife filed when she moved to another state that would give her more benefits.

Good luck!

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