No Child Support Arrears Ordered In Wyoming

by Shallae DeMers
(Cheyenne, WY)

My husband has two children who live with his former spouse and one child who lives with us. The oldest child is 18 and graduates next Sunday (lives with his mother). We called CSE here in Wyoming to see how we end the child support payments for our soon to be emancipated child. CSE says that we owe $6,000 + in arrears, but we don't.

The divorce decree states that we overpaid by the time the order was entered and that child support will start to be taken through the Wyoming Child Support office the next month. My husband paid child support while the divorce was in process through his attorney. No arrears were ordered at the time the order was entered.

Now, CSE says that since the order doesn't state that no arrears are due.... we owe child support again to CSE. CSE says they don't care what the court order says. Also, the case worker said she was going to suspend my husband's license to drive - my husband drives for a living. We feel like they are threatening us and trying to damage us without following the court's order.

We think if we get a copy of the entire court file and show hat the Judge ordered that we had over paid and that we were not supposed to be paying through CSE until the month following that CSE should release us from the arrears.

I also think we should give the story to the news because it probably effects many parents and they may be in for undue request to pay twice.

What suggestions do you have for us?

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Back Child Support
by: Child Support America Team Member

Dear Shallae,

Thanks for your questions. You should contact child support and request all of your records. Yes you really need to consider going back to court and fighting the back support. Get all of the records you can. You will need to prove EVERYTHING. When is your next court date?


We got proof from my husband's former spouse's attorney
by: Shallae DeMers

Now, we have proved that we have paid everything current. But, now the oldest child is living with us while he attends college and we are still paying child support to my husband's former spouse for this child. We go to court in January to try to get the child support reduced to pay only for the one child living with the Mother - the Platte County Court says the child support is set at a flat rate until May 2016 - even though the Divorce Decree states a per child amount and says the child support will no longer be due when a child graduates from high school, turns 18, or is otherwise emancipated (whichever comes later).

United Father's of America or some sort of community outreach needs to be available in Wyoming to support the children here. In effect, one child gets all the benefit and the other two are put to a lower status because the courts have unfairly set the child support.

We have filed for a modification and have court in January. Do you have any suggestions? We cannot afford an attorney so we are doing it Pro Se, but if you have any suggestions, I'd appreciate knowing where to go from here.

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