New Jersey Courts To Consider To Dismiss my 50,000 arrearage?

by Nick
(New York City)

Child Support ordered from New Jersey court when I was Upper Middle Class and making a very good income. Unfortunately, they still have me as making 6 figures. When I had the money I made the support payments. I was later chronically homeless in New Jersey and New York for 10 years while obligation fees accrued to $50,000, I am now off the streets after those horrific 10 years in the streets and now in government-subsidize housing but do not have the money nor can afford to pay the $50,000 arrearage.

They took away my driver license, took away my passport, placed a lien against my credit, lien against any tax returns. I cannot work. I am disabled, collecting disability. I depend on my disability check to live on. I have Section-8 but my portion of the rent was raised an extra $150. I now pay my portion rent of $359. Figure that plus $250 per month for food, $100 for transportation, some for clothing, I have no Medicaid because my monthly disability check is over $750.

I'm 57 years old and cannot get Medicare so I have no medical insurance and no cash reserve in the event I need to visit a doctor or hospital. So I depend on whatever remains from my disability check for medical expenses. All that leaves me with a mere 150 dollars for the entire month to live on. I am forcrd to get food from the pantry which has food rich in salt and carbohydrates and no good for my chronic hypertension condition. That food will eventually kill me.

I was already in the hospital twice for hypertension and almost dead. I also suffer from chronic depression. While homeless sleeping in the gutters I had periodic thoughts to kill myself. I still get those thoughts. I'll never raise that $50,000. Ruined my credit, lien on my credit, lien on any tax returns, revoked my passport, revoked my driver license so I can't even drive a taxi, aside from the fact I am disabled.

My ex brainwashed my daughter throughout the years that I am a dead-beat dad ond my daughter no longer speaks to me cause she wants the money. My ex told my daughter horrific lies. I have no money to contribute to this site to get on the quick-answer program and cannot wait months for reply. I am at the end of my rope. Please help me.

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