Need Help Finding Attorney To Reduce Child Support In St. Louis Missouri

(St. Charles, Missouri)

I have a custody arrangement that allows me to have my three children every weekend for two to three overnight stays. The arrangement also allows me to have them for two weeks in the summer and alternating holidays. Unfortunately, I lost my job six months ago and have not been able to receive unemployment. I was able to maintain the child support payments for three months until all of my savings have been used. I contacted the child support enforcement and asked for directions on how to get a temporary modification until getting re-employed. I was told by the case worker "We are not here to help you. We are here to enforce the child support order. You can file a modification with us and we will take 12 months to review it."

I am now in arrears for three months and because of the amount, am facing an arrest if I fall behind much further. I began my new employment three weeks ago and the child support division has already garnished my wages for 50%. My income is over 50% less than it was at my previous job. This does not leave enough income for survival. I have visited the public defenders office in St. Louis and St. Charles counties and have been told that they do not do child support modifications. I have also spoken to several attorneys recommended by the Metro Bar referral service. The lowest cost quoted to me was a $1500.00 retainer and a rate of $200.00 per hour for services. If I had this amount of money I would be using it to pay the support.

In seven days I must appear in court for an eviction notice hearing. I have contacted as many agencies offering rental assistance as I can find. If evicted, I will no longer be able to provide my children with care on the weekends because I will be homeless. I have no other sources of income to pay a retainer. Can you help me find an attorney who will do modifications very inexpensively?

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You can try looking into a Legal Aid Society in your county where you live. They offer FREE legal representation to those who cannot afford an attorney. Call your local bar association for the number. Also if you are facing potential jail time you can go to the courts and request a court appointed attorney be given to you. Financially you will qualify.


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