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The Nebraska Child Support Enforcement Program helps children obtain financial support from both parents. They also enable current public assistance recipients to end their reliance on welfare, and can help prevent single parents from entering public assistance.

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The term child support means a financial support paid by a parent to help support a child or children of whom they do not have custody. Child support can be entered into voluntarily or ordered by a court or a properly empowered administrative agency, depending on each State’s laws.

Establish Paternity

If parents do not want to sign an acknowledgment form, Child Support Services will request parents take a genetic test. If the test indicates the man is the biological father, or if he refuses to take the genetic test, Child Support Services will ask a court to name him as the legal father and order child support. Nebraska Child Support Services may also ask the court to order him to pay for the genetic testing and all legal fees.

You may choose to use your own private attorney to help you through the legal process of establishing paternity and or fatherhood. If you do, please notify Nebraska Child Support Services so that they can coordinate their efforts.

Nebraska Child Support Enforcement need not attempt to establish paternity in any case involving incest or forcible rape, or in any case in which legal proceedings for adoption are pending, if Nebraska Child Support Enforcement has made a determination that it would not be in the best interest of the child(ren) to establish paternity.

Genetic Tests

Genetic testing is another method used in determining a child's paternity. Genetic testing can take place in the child support office, hospital or clinic. The mother, child, and possible father will be tested. Genetic tests can be requested by the mother, father, child or the court. In most cases the state is required to do genetic testing if the child’s father has not yet been identified.

Creating an Order

To create a support order, the child support agency needs some basic information such as:

  • Names of parents and children
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Income of parents

The child support attorney will use the information to decide if a court action is needed. The court may issue a support order. If one parent lives in a different state Child Support will work with the other state to create or change a support order.

Changing an order

Nebraska Child Support Enforcement may review a support order once every three years. A review may also be done if there is a major change in income for either parent. When a case is reviewed, the support ordered may stay the same, increase, or decrease. After the review is complete the case is sent to the local attorney. The attorney will decide if the case should go to court. The court makes the final decision if the support order will be changed.

Terms that can help

Medical Support

Medical support is the providing of health care coverage for a joint child by carrying health care coverage for the joint child or by contributing to the cost of health care coverage, public coverage, unreimbursed medical expenses, and uninsured medical expenses of the joint child.

Non-custodial Parent

Parent not living with the minor child.

Physical Custody

The child lives with the parent having physical custody; this parent is responsible for the care of the child. Parents can share physical custody of their child.

Support Order

A court order setting an obligor for the benefit of a child(ren), spouse or former spouse who lives with the child. A support order may include child support, medical support, or child care support. A support order may also include spousal maintenance.

Child Support Enforcement Methods

Enforcement methods may be used to enforce child support. Enforcing child support will help and keep the well being of the child. Nebraska Child Support has a team of pros working hard to get the child support you deserve.

The most common methods are:

Income Withholding

Income withholding is the most effective way to collect child support. Money is taken directly out of the parent’s paycheck.

Credit Reporting

Past due support over $500 will be reported to the Credit agency.

License Suspension

If more than three months of past due support is owed these licenses may be suspended:

  • Driver's
  • Hunting
  • Fishing and
  • Professional

Tax Refund Intercept

A parent’s tax refund may be taken if a case is three months behind and more than $500 of past due support is owed.

Passport Denial

A parent’s passport may be withheld if more than $2,500 of past due support is owed.

Court Enforcement

The courts may also enforce using many different methods such as:

  • Payment plan
  • Fine
  • Jail

Customer Service Department

Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services
Child Support Enforcement
P.O. Box 94728
Lincoln, NE 68509-4728
Phone: (402) 441-8715
1-877-631-9973 (toll-free)

Send applications to:

Child Support Enforcement
Attn: NPA Unit
PO Box 94728
Lincoln, NE 68509-4728

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