My wife collected CS and TANF fraduently

by Roger Marrs
(Afton, VA)

She collected TANF and CS while I was incarcerated in 97-97. When I was released I went back home to her. I paid the support assuming it was for when I was in lock up. In 1999 she took me to the DCSE here in VA for me to make what I thought was to repay the state.

The case worker informed me it was for current. I told her we lived together, She then brought the wife into the room and closed the case as of 7/99 and instructed her that she was responsible to pay 1/2 the amount owed since she collected when she was not suppose to . However, when the local DCSE moved locations, records got lost and this was one item that cannot be located. What can I do? They know say I owe 13000 to the state and I say I do not.

Also can you tell me with 4 cases (1 is collecting current and TANF, 1 is arrearages only and 2 are state only) how DCSE is to apply the payments? For 2 years they had an income withholding on all four cases (one sent for each case)but they only applied money to two of the cases so the other two received nothing even though it was with held.

How can they do that and then say I am nonconpliant? I was paying they just did nto pay to the cases. They also gave me a FOMD credit on the case that is current and TABF but have not removed the credit they gave me (8000).

Also how can my account be hit with a current support amount and a TANF amount, I thought they had to have one or the other. This is a portion of what it says on TANF on the DCSE website:Many States have statutes that provide that, in the absence of a child support award, the payment of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) benefits to the child of a noncustodial parent creates a debt due from the parent or parents in the amount of the TANF benefit.

Doesnt that mean they can collect one or the other?

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