My tax withholdings and child support

by Catherine
(Chicago, IL -Cook County)

My ex has custody of my son. I was just informed that his lawyer is seeking to take 20% of my income tax return money on top of the 20% child support he already gets from me. I was not aware I was to claim myself as a dependent throughout the year. Normally I dont claim anything till I file my taxes. His lawyer petitioned and was grant the right for him to file with our son as a dependent for all 4 years till he turns 18. Since he's already reaping the rewards of the tax benefit by claiming our son why do I have to give him anything from my income tax??? If I am suppose to claim myself throughout the year how much do I tell my employer to withhold for my taxes so I dont wind up paying at the end of the year?? Can anyone please tell me - I've talked to my lawyer and he's clueless.

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