My son was adopted around age six by his stepdad

My son was adopted at age six by his stepfather. Do I owe child support for before he was adopted?

His mother now is claiming that I owe her for months of child support proceeding his adoption .

She had moved away and taken my son with her, denied my access, hid my son from me and I could not find them for about a year and half. I was sick and I could not in any way take care of anything and I gave up.

She then filed for and abandonment order which I did not have the means to fight and actually was not made aware of it until I read the public notice in a news paper.

I was never given a fair chance to fight the order and my son was adopted against my will.

However difficult, I grieved it all let it all go.

Now my son is 21 years old and his mother is claiming I owe her child support for around 18 months for before he was adopted.

Neither on of them will communicate with me in a mature manner.

As if it was not enough that I lost my son, and not seen him for 18 years, now she wants around 30k.

My question is, do I owe that child support?

The original divorce and support order was in Carson City Nevada around 1991.

The adoption took place in California around 1996.

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