My Son Is Now 18 Years Old

by Mz. Understood
(Oklahoma City)

My son is 18 and has graduated from high school this month, he is enrolled in college full time. I was told by the child support office I would not receive any more child support because current support had to be paid 1st. Because my child is in college why wouldn't I receive current support? Everyone knows college is not cheap...we live in the state of Oklahoma.

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Child Support
by: Child Support America Team Member

No you will not receive support after your child turns 18. You will only receive child support for a full time student in college, if a divorce decree or court order states it. If there is no order then support stops at the age of 18. Do you have an order?


by: Anonymous

I don't have a order although my sons father owes $40,000 in back support so why wouldnt I get support anymore. What I was told is that he has other children that are under 18 and once current support was paid to tose children then he would have to start paying back support to my son, but my son is starting college full time in the fall..

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