My passport was taken at the US Consulate

by Website Visitor
(United States)

I have tried multiple times to contact Child Services but no one will answer my phone calls or emails. I am sure they have records of my calls and voice-mails and I have copies of my emails with no response. I am the noncustodial parent in this matter.

I am writing to you because I have have been unemployed for a year now and have just been given a position in overseas. This job entails lots of travel worldwide and I have to have my passport to do so. I made an appointment with the US Consulate coming from where I have been living for the past year to have pages added to my passport but it was confiscated.

I realize I have a open case but with my status of unemployment for the last year, I have not had any income. I could not make payments without a job because I do not have any savings and now I cannot take the job without my passport. I am hoping some type of agreement can be reached so that I can work and make payments but I cannot without this position.

I also believe my owed dues are incorrect for the last year because I did not have a job, my last position ended on Oct 16, 2009. The last time I spoke with VCS last year I was told it did not matter if I have a job or not that I would still be accountable for making payments. I had an outstanding balance before I lost my last job of about $10,000. I was making payments on that and my wages were being garnished at the same time.

I will make every effort to pay but I cannot without having my passport. Being in a foreign country without means of income will not help my situation either. I need to know what my options are besides paying the amount in full up front because I do not have that luxury. I need to work first and then pay. I can make all payments in full with this new position in about three months. Thank you in advance for your help and time.

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