My Modification Of Child Support

I have three children with ex-wife. Several months ago she filed to modify my child support to increase it. I was at a well paying job and filled out the affidavit and sent it. My lawyer threatened to go after her for my tax rights as she claims all three children each year and I get to claim none.

She canceled her petition for modification. After gettig her tax return she went to DOR and refiled for a modification. I had just been laid off and am only now living on unemployment.

I got a notice saying that a upwards modification was warranted based on my first affidavit and now I have summons coming that I have to go to coourt for the modification.

Can they raise my child support based on the first affidavit now that I am not working or will the judge determine not to modify it now that she is getting the FL state max out of my unemployment?

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by: Child Support America Team Member

That depends on the judge. Explain the entire situation. Make sure you ask the judge to fight for your rights to be able to claim the kids on your taxes every other year. Are you current on your payments?


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