My Instructor Is Planning A Trip To Japan

by gabriel

I am currently paying child support for my 16year old son, and have been since he was the age of 2years old. I am originally from Alabama (this is where the child supports claim is held), yet presently live in New York, and have lived in the Northern States for the past 15 years.

I know that I owe on back taxes, and this amount may exceed $10,000, and this disqualifies me for receiving a passport in the U.S.

My question is, if my martial arts instructor intends to have his students (myself included) travel with him for a week stay in Japan, are there conditions that would allow me to go, regardless of my current child support status?

Thank you
Any help that you can provide would be appreciated.

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Child Support Questions
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hello Gabriel,

Actually NO. When you have passport issues dealing with back child support, no. What you may want to try is calling your caseworker and attempting to set up a payment agreement and see if you have any options. It is up to child support to release the hold on your passport. Is the mother willing to waive any back support?

CSA Staff

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